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The Iosco County Republicans meet on the second Friday of each month alternating between  Mancino's in Oscoda and Big Boy in East Tawas.  The meetings are at 7:30 a.m.

Although these meetings include the Executive Committee, all who are interested are welcome to attend and join with the Iosco County Republicans.


The Sunrise Side Republican Women's Club holds monthly meetings on the 4th Monday of the month.  The location and speaker will be announced for each meeting.  Unless otherwise stated, the lunch will be at 11:30 a.m.

The officers are: Linda Glomski, President, 739-7170, Coletta Marvin, Vice President, 820-0230, Rachel McCready Secretary, 362-2337, and Treasurer, Tessa Weed, 916-6905.

Don't forget, dues were due in January, they remain the same at $20. You can send dues and correspondence to SSRWC P.O. Box 234 Tawas City, MI 48764.  

The next business meeting will be  August 27th at Hsings 11:30 lunch.

The public is welcome and invited.


Official Call to the Iosco County Convention. There shall be a meeting of the duly elected Precinct Delegates and the At-Large Delegates to the County Convention at 7:00pm on Thursday, August 16, 2018 at the home of Maureen H Rudel, 910 E. Bay St., East Tawas, MI 48730.

The purpose of this meeting shall be to elect Delegates and Alternates to the August 25, 2018 State Convention to be held at the Lansing Center in the City of Lansing. The purpose of the State Convention is to nominate one Lieutenant Governor, one Secretary of State, one Attorney General, and to nominate two candidates for each of the following offices: Michigan Supreme Court, State Board of Education, Michigan State University Board of Trustees, University of Michigan Board of Regents and Wayne State University Board of Governors.

Precinct delegates and certain at-large delegates given the preference under Rule 8 of the Convention Rules, but who do not attend the County Convention, must notify the chair of the County Executive Committee David Chandler or the following designee, Maureen Rudel in writing (the “Notification”) of the person’s intention to become a Delegate or Alternate Delegate to the State Convention. The notification can be in any written form, including by letter or email, and must be received by the Chair of the County Executive Committee (or designee) by no later than the start of the County Convention. Failure to provide the notification as provided herein shall mean that the person shall not be given the preference under Rule 8 of the Convention Rules. It is not necessary to send a notification if a person attends the County Convention.

Only Precinct Delegates elected at the August 7, 2018 Primary Election, the most recent Republican nominees for County and State Legislative offices, incumbent members of Michigan Legislative offices, the Michigan Congressional Delegation, the Republican National Committeeman and National Committeewoman from Michigan and Michigan Republican Party Officers (see Rule 5B) where each such person resides in the county in question will be seated and considered eligible to vote at this convention.

David Chandler
Chairman, Iosco County Republican Executive Committee


1.            Temporary Chair calls convention to order

2.            Pledge of Allegiance

3             Introduction and appointment of Temporary Secretary

4.            Secretary moves to waive the reading of the Call to Convention

5.            Motion to Close the nominations, nominate and unanimously elect Temporary officers as Permanent Officers and Waive the Appointment of other officers.

6.            Oath of Office administered:

               OATH: "I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and that I  will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of _________ according to the best of my ability."

7.            Select Delegates and Alternates to the State Convention.

8.            Distribute Convention packets to delegates and alternates as needed.

9.            Fill Precinct Delegate vacancies.

10.         Chair asks for any further business.

11.         Adjournment.

MEETING -- Thursday, August 16, 2018 after the Convention
910 E. Bay St., East Tawas

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Treasurer's Report

Chairman's Report

Vice-Chair's Report


Committee Reports

A. Membership Committee Report
B. County Commissioners Report

Old Business

A. Sunrise Side Republican Women's Club
B. Parades

New Business

A. State Party Update
B. 5th District Update
C. E-mail and Correspondence
D. Playbill Ads


All Republicans are welcome to attend and contribute their thoughts to our discussions.


Even if you're not quite ready to "join" the Party, we would appreciate a donation to help offset the costs of sending this to you. . .


If you have an issue which you believe should be addressed, write us or send us an e-mail -- We have incorporated a Guest Column Section on the Web Site and in the newsletter. We will publish your opinion or letter if you sign it, give an address and phone number (so we can make sure you wrote it -- we won't publish it unless you specifically request it). Short, sweet and to the point. We reserve the right to edit all letters.

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